Sell Your Art

Care to Join us?

Anyone can submit art for consideration, whether you are experienced
or just getting started.
We take general submissions

What art do you sell? What should I submit?

We have t shirts permanently in the gallery and printed on demand onsite.
We hold stock of various other items as well such as art prints and tote bags.
You can also submit art for specific exhibitions.
Any general art you submit is automatically considered for upcoming
exhibitions as well.
Feel free to talk to us about your ideas!

What makes us different?

Joining Beautiful things gives you the chance to sell in both a
physical gallery and online.
We aim to build a community around the gallery, for both artists and
visitors. We offer you the chance to engage with Auckland's busy and
creative K' Road community.
Your art will be produced by locals, here in New Zealand.
We offer artists support technically, such as with print techniques,
or how to approach a project.
We work in partnership with you the artist: in most cases the sale
price is split 50/50 between you and beautiful things.

We'd love to chat if you have any questions.