On Wood: art print exhibition November-Dec 2020

Part of our mission is to bring interesting new technologies to art, for artists to explore and visitors to enjoy.

On Wood is an exhibition of works printed directly onto a wooden substrate. It uses a recently developed technology that is somewhere between typical print and 3D printing. Ink is built up in a number of layers, depending on the work.
The resin-like ink is UV cured, making it stable and durable. The works can be safely touched (feel free!) and are somewhat water resistant (handy for bathroom art!)

These works each have their own special features or embellishments such as glossy or white ink, thicker or thinner layering.

In curating this exhibition we looked in particular for images that seemed to particularly be at home on a piece of wood. Within that there is a variety of artists and subject matter.

We hope this exhibition helps achieve our goal of bringing beautiful but affordable art to ordinary objects.

Feel free to ask if there is something you would like customised in some way. One feature of the print-on-wood technology is the ability to print large scale, so we can print anything you see here as a bigger piece.