Exhibition information 

Below is what's coming up for Exhibitions.

We are open, so come on in and see the current exhibition have a chat and a hot drink!

Contact me anytime: dave@beautifulthings.nz (I'm at the gallery most days 2-6pm)

The Gallery is open 7am till 6pm, Mon - Fri & 8am - 1pm Sat at 16 East St, Newton (off K Road)

 'EXPLORE RISOGRAPH' - JULY-SEPTEMBER(more info about riso technology)

Riso printing is exclusively spot color based. Unlike digital printing, there is no option to print in standard ink colors like CMYK. This means the creative possibilities with color are endless. Similar to screen printing, a four-color art print will require 4 individual inks and 4 unique ink stencils (masters) created for each color to create the final print product. Compared to other spot color based print methods like screen printing.

'ON WOOD' - LATE OCTOBER  (Submission information)

With the latest print and cut technology, we have challenged our beautiful creatives to create a piece that will be printed direct to wood, and then cut to shape. 

The works encompass a range of wooden shapes from more traditional hanging art, to stools to sit on. There's an interesting connection between the wood and the art on it: the grain influences the way we see the images. 


A nature inspired multimedia exhibition with photography, art prints, wooden artworks and more, for perusal.  Flora, fauna and landscapes get together in an eclectic and enjoyable exhibition to encourage Spring to emerge. 


An extensive collection of limited edition 2021 calendars from a range of creatives. Beautiful blooms, quirky comics and many more, printed with both risogragh and commercial print methods.



What is the exhibition?
We would like to have some fun putting art onto wood. We will print your work directly on to plywood, and then cut to shape. 

We are going to use traditional art shapes like flat wall hung pieces, and works to sit on a table top. But we are also keen to look at newer ideas like art on furniture, starting in this exhibition with a couple of stool design options. 

The print process is durable and hi resolution. Depending on your work, we can look at embellishments like gloss, Matt hi-build, or white ink highlights.

As well as individual stand alone items, we are putting together a feature collaborative work. This will be made of 15 pieces, but displayed as one, sold individually but with a print of the group collection to go with each piece.

If you have art already in the gallery, these are auto submitted and will be considered. Please submit any new work via our register page. 

Next steps for you:

  1. download wood shape options and downloads.

  2. Email me if you have any questions, problems or want to discuss anything at any stage 

  3. Get creative! (dig up old goodies or create new works with a specific shape in mind)

  4. Make sure your works are high resolution 

  5. Add your entries - register.beautifulthings.nz/

  6. Or just email me if you have any problems or want to discuss anything 

Contact me anytime: dave@beautifulthings.nz