Exhibition information 

Below are whats coming up for Exhibitions.

We hope to be open to the public in Level 2, Monday 1st of June

Contact me anytime: dave@beautifulthings.nz

The Gallery is at 16 East St, Newton (off K Road)

Exhibition One: ART ON TEES - April to end of MAY (submission info)

interesting art not usually seen on tees.

Due to COVID, this is currently online only...

Exhibition Two: EXPLORE RISOGRAPH - JULY (submission info)

Riso printing is exclusively spot color based. Unlike digital printing, there is no option to print in standard ink colors like CMYK. This means the creative possibilities with color are endless. Similar to screen printing, a four-color art print will require 4 individual inks and 4 unique ink stencils (masters) created for each color to create the final print product. Compared to other spot color based print methods like screen printing.

Exhibition Three: TREE ART - AUG

With the latest print and cut technology, we will be looking to challenge our beautiful creatives to create a peice that will be printed direct to wood, and then cut to shape. 

More info to come...

Exhibition One: ART ON TEES - April to end of MAY


We thought a fun start would be to feature our tee shirt printing capabilities. 

We will stock a wide range of ASColour tees and have a printer on site for on demand printing.

We are looking to feature 20-25 tees so need you guys to submit some cool stuff. We will be looking for standout non traditional art for tees, really challenging the medium.

All successful submissions that are not in the top 25 will still be available for on demand printing in-gallery and online, so please feel free to enter multiple designs or a series/set.

Next steps for you:

  1. Get creative! (or dig up an old goodie)

  2. Add your entries - register.beautifulthings.nz

  3. Or just email me if you want to discuss anything 

  4. Supply designs as PNG (RGB) with transparent background 4724 wide x 5906 px high (anything white will print white - transparent will be shirt colour)



We are really excited about the brand new risograph printer we have purchased. We really think that this printer in our commercial print facility, will be magic!

We are starting with the following colours:


If you're not 100% sure what RISOGRAPH is, here are a few good videos:



When designing for RISOGRAPH, it's a bit more old-school: designing in SPOT colours gets you the best results. But there are other methods, that are more experimental.

A few exciting things to note:

We have a lot of learning to do, but in some ways it's very simple. What will help our team's learning is test printing, sooo for beautiful people, we are offering to do some test prints for free, email me to register your interest.

We are also partnering with BJ Ball, a local paper house, to offer RISO workshops. (The first will be in MAY, so not so helpful for your learning before the exhibition, but we are happy to assist in teaching you how to prepare your files). New dates TBC

We are also working on swatch books to help you visualise the colour and finish of the RISO. These will be available from the 1st June at the gallery.

We will be looking again for 20-25 A3 prints to feature in-gallery. 2 or 4 spot colour works. And we will be happy to consider any zine or comic books too.

Next steps for you:

  1. Depending on your familiarity with RISO, ask me questions as there are limitations

  2. Get creative! (or dig up old goodies and adjust for RISO)

  3. Add your entries - register.beautifulthings.nz/

  4. Or just email me if you want to discuss anything 

  5. A3 press PDF, no bleed, designed in spot colours (created in Illustrator/Indesign ideally)